• Desert safari

    Guide Oman is Oman's number one desert expedition company, allowing you to self drive and experience the thrill of the sand dunes, with the luxury of a full support crew around you.


    If you want to feel the heat of the air on your skin, or the cool silkiness of the sand beneath your feet and appreciate the true beauty of the desert, follow us.

    A full support crew join us to allow you to enjoy the experience stress free – Medics to Mechanics to Chefs and Support crew to take care of your needs.  Driver education and support crew will allow even beginners to complete the trips with enriched accomplishments of becoming a desert driver.


    A desert safari is a great weekend escape from the regular routine, and is a great opportunity to meet, network and socialize with a wide range of nationalities including the Omanis.  As a tourist you can enjoy a unique and authentic Omani experience, far from the beaten tourist trail.